Dyno - is

Organising, deploying and running Dynamo workspaces tool for Autodesk Revit

And some details

Dyno is equally good for work with Dynamo algorythmic architecture workspaces, various automatisation and extending Revit possibilities. Dyno provides versatile and simple possibilities for making work with Dynamo workspaces faster


Organise Dynamo workspaces and place them on server or any local folder


Any workspace may have several initial node values (presets) for different using cases


Just double click on preset line in Dyno browser and it will be evaluated without opening Dynamo main window


Dyno shows end and/or intermediate evaluation results from "Watch" nodes

5 things that will take your work with dynamo to the next level

Use Dynamo scripts as usual Revit commands and even more!


One click script launch

Launch scripts which are located in the same currently open project using only one click of the mouse.

You don’t need to open Dynamo and search for the necessary file to launch scripts.

Each script can be launched right from Dyno browser.

The browser will itself launch Dynamo’s core and send the script for execution, and also will mark its status (whether it was launched successfully or if there was an error during the execution).

You can always launch various scripts to make your work easier. E.g automatic batch printing, marking, calculations and so on.


Input and output information to and from the script

As a rule, the same scripts must be launched using the same initial settings.

Dyno scans scripts and uses Input Nodes.

Set your own initial values for work of the script right in the browser before even launching the script itself.


Organise the scripts into one structure

When there are many scripts, it’s important to keep them in order.

You can group them into folders and subfolders, and see it all together in the special browser window.

You have filters for the scripts.

If you have large library, you can leave only those scripts or groups of scripts which you are using right now.


Manage the initial script and parameter settings

You can set additional launch and behavior settings for the scripts, as well as additional input node settings.

There’s easy solution for this in Dyno using groups of input settings – presets.

Presets are similar to Revit family types. You can have many of them for one script. They are created in the special files in the same folder with the scripts.

Fine tune script behavior.

You have the opportunities which even the standard nodes don't have. You can tune simple values (numbers, strings) as well as complex ones, for example – elements list.

You can select the elements right in Revit window or get the current active selection and pass it to the script for processing.


Place scripts in the tool ribbons

Scripts and presets can be launched using only one click not only from the browser window but you can place them right onto ribbon tabs.

You can group them in different tabs. The buttons within one tab arrange themselves and generate icons.

You can also make hotkey combinations for the buttons.


Dyno is freeware for both commercial and non-commercial use. If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions, feel free to contact us

Author and developer

Alexey Lobanov